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Monday, January 25, 2010
cannot deny that i can completely let go and forget abt you..
after all.. it really came from my heart..
but i'll try.. and be the friend instead u hope to have..
well after a rough strom there is always a rainbow waiting to unreveal itself ^^
zokie.. anyway.. just finished cooking dinner..
tink ar.. i dun become chef also abit wasted ar..
can consider..

8:31 PM By CY aka cher young
Friday, January 15, 2010
life's a bitch man...
just got freaking rejected.. AGAIN!
my gosh...
im not okie.. like seriously..
super sian...
thxx god for my best frens dinesh and irene for accompanying me..
zzzz.. slpless night.. and now i suppose to like get ready to head to sentosa..
haiz.. really no mood.. =(

8:43 AM By CY aka cher young
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
ahahaahaha.. finally rested at home after being out for 40 days straight since a lvl ended..
did nothing but watch 13 hrs worth of drama shows..
hahahha.. si wei intro one.. call K.O 3an guo(can't type chinese.. dunno why)..
its like 3 kingdoms but damn funny and in a skool setting..
anyway.. today was first day of skool for the JC kids..
and O level results.. sis did not bad.. hope she noes wad to do next..
okie goin back to my show.. ^^

12:16 AM By CY aka cher young
Sunday, January 10, 2010
finally revived!!!!
still not feeling very well..
got up of bed early like at 7am
okie... so i finally decided to open up my blog again..
chose a new blog skin..
kinda cool to have a singapore one.. looks nice
so pple.. tag okie..
blog still under renovation.. gonna leave the hse soon so i guess will continue later

8:52 AM By CY aka cher young